Zero Candy Cubes Review: A Premium Fizz with Zero Off-Taste?

We recently sat down on Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Candy Cubes Pop Soda Syrup Concentrate. We think it’s a complete revelation for made-from-scratch soft drinks. If you’re hoping to be to be a mixologist or are simply looking more healthy options for drinks this syrup will be a game-changer.

With just a 40ml squirt from this syrup into one liter of fizzy drinking water creating our own sugar-free drinks that taste refreshing and guilt-free. The versatility of the product is remarkable in that it’s more than just for creating sodas, but can be an interesting addition to cocktails, ice creams as well as baked goods. It was fun to play around with different quantity to come up with the perfect mix. Use less for a subtle hint or a little greater for a strong flavor.


But, it’s not just the fizzy fun. While most of us thought the taste was delightful almost as good as major brand sodas, a few found the flavor to be a slight synthetic, with an lingering taste that lasted for a bit too long. In addition, given the cost it’s a bit extravagant for some consumers, considering it’s a syrup made at home. In any case, if it’s your choice of making your own sweetener and prefer the convenience having a multitude of drinks in a bottle, it’s an investment for the pantry that we think is worth the effort.

The Essential Takeaway

This Aromhuset Zero Sugar Candy Cube is a perfect addition for anyone who wants to focus on a personalized soda experience or wishing to cut back on sugar consumption. With the ability to whip up over 12 litres from one bottle, they’re both practical and entertaining.

An enticing overview of Zero Sugar Ice Cubes Candy Soda Syrup

The last time we had the chance to sample the Zero Candy Cubes syrup that comes from Aromhuset It’s a significant improvement for soda making at-home. One of the more striking aspects of the syrup is its ease of the process of making a refreshing beverage. In just a couple of minutes, swirling this syrup, dissolved in carbonated distilled water and we’ve created an amazing soda that’s tasty and vegan.

The syrup is incredibly versatile, and it’s not just limited to beverages. We discovered it’s also a great complement to food items, providing a lovely depth of flavour to homemade ice cream and baked items. The fact that it’s sugar-free, added with Sucralose can make it a top choice for a healthy and nutritious treat.

The ease of creating a sizeable 12.5 litres from one bottle indicates that this syrup has a great value. While the taste may not like the legendary brands It’s pretty close even without the sugar. The wide variety of flavours means there’s something for everyone to appreciate. Though some might find the taste to be a bit artificial however for us, having the option of altering the strength to what we like was greater than this, making it a worthy addition to our kitchen.

Effortless Homemade Beverage Creation

Making delicious and tasty drinks from scratch has never been easier. We’ve taken love for fizz to the next stage with Aromhuset’s Zero sugar Candy Cubes. It’s been a pleasure turning simple carbonated water into a assortment of sugar-free soft drinks at the kitchen table. With only 40% of this syrup, an ounce of fizzy water transforms into a delightful beverage with the rich aroma and amazing taste that we are all looking for.

We’ve learned that it’s not all about quenching thirst; it’s about creating the perfect drink for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if we’re mixing cocktails and searching for a refreshing soda replacement this syrup can do what it says on the tin. We’ve tried experimenting with lower amounts of syrup to achieve milder sweetness. And it still tastes fantastic!

However, it’s not everyone’s rainbow that’s free of sugar. While many of us are enthralled by the familiar taste of cola, there are some who have noticed an artificial taste after tasting certain flavours like Blood Orange. If you think about how much drinks you can get from a bottle, we think this is a fantastic value especially for those in search of the best vegan or diabetic-friendly alternative.

In the end, Aromhuset’s concentration can make personalizing your beverage easy. No more store-bought cans – it’s the perfect time to personalize your drinking habits!

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The Best Part of Sugar-Free Food

We’ve discovered a genuine treat for those times when you crave sweets which is free of the guilt! They’re Zero Sugar Chocolate Cubes that make preparing an alcoholic drink not only an enjoyable experience, but also extremely simple. We poured 40ml of this magical beverage into our sparkling water then gave it a whirl and voila! refreshing drink with a wonderful scent, while reducing calories.

This syrup that is sugar-free from Aromhuset has not disappointed us in taste. It’s astonishingly sweet thanks to Sucralose. Additionally, it’s diabetic-friendly and allows for indulgence without the spikes in sugar. The versatility of this syrup has inspired us to take it outside of drinks. We’ve experimented with it in the form of ice-cream and even baking and it’s always delicious.

One thing to note is, not all flavours received the same level of praise. Some of us felt that the Blood Orange flavour a tad bitter however taste is subjective so isn’t it? But, the majority of us compared its cola taste to that of high-end diet colas. This is a huge win in our book. There’s so much syrup available – one bottle makes 12.5 millilitres – you’re at a loss for how long.

Some advice from us is that adjusting the proportion of syrup to water might be key if you feel the sweetness is too strong. Have fun finding the perfect mix!

Multi-Purpose Favour for Culinary Adventures

We’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing Aromhuset’s Zero Candy Cubes and can’t anticipate sharing the utter versatility with this syrup. Its natural candy pop essence can be utilized for making a delightful sugar-free sweet drink; it can also serve as a flavor boost in a variety of food items. Imagine putting it in ice cream or blending it into your homemade jams. The possibilities are thrilling.

Yet, it’s also possible to mix incredibly wonderful long drinks made from whisky, brandy, or even bitters.

The process of mixing 40ml of syrup and carbonated drinking water gives it an incredibly delicious flavor that it’s almost impossible to notice the sugar in any way. For those of us who have to watch our calories or adhering to diet restrictions, this syrup is an exciting alternative, considering that it’s just 5 kcal in 100ml of serving in addition to its vegan credentials.

But, the flavor is very subjective. Although it evokes a nostalgic trip into the past with traditional flavors of cola, some of our guests felt that the overall flavor is a bit synthetic when compared to classic sodas. However, as a mix-in at home it’s remarkably close and refreshing.

This Swedish delight offers great value as well. After all, 500 milliliters of syrup transforms into a whopping 12.5 litres worth of fizzy drinks. This means that from our foodie explorations to satisfying our cravings for soda Aromhuset’s concentrate has been a staple in our kitchen arsenal.

Outstanding Value for the money

We’ve found this Zero-Sugar Sweet Candy soda syrup to really be a bargain. Imagine the convenience and savings we’re able to enjoy out of a single 500 ml bottle. It makes 12.5 Liters of sugar-free refreshments that’s perfect to our healthy friends or anyone looking to slurp on something sweet without the guilt. Additionally, it’s a big hit for those of us who have to watch our spending as homemade fizzy drinks tend to be more affordable than bottles and cans from the supermarket.

There was certainly some debate among reviewers over taste preferences but the variety of this syrup wins big. When it comes to iced lollies or to spice up cocktails and cocktails, it’s an excellent choice for people who enjoy the art of making DIY magic. And we must admit, being able to tweak the sweetness to your liking is a big plus particularly since a smaller amount will work due to its sourness.

It wasn’t every drink a crowd-pleaser, and yes, there were some who criticized the drink. That said, an overwhelming amount of us were with the taste as well as the convenience. It’s an amazing compromise when the original isn’t readily available. And in the final analysis, price per liter of alcohol has us raising our glasses in a hearty applause for value!


Benefits and Drawbacks

I’ve just had the pleasure of trying out the latest Aromhuset Zero sugar Candy Cubes and have come on a few things that catch the eye in both positive and negative light. This experience could help you decide If you’re looking to consider this sugar-free treat.

  • Create Your Custom Drinks: Customising drinks at yourself is simple using the syrup concentrates. Mix, swirl and you’ve got fresh, fizzy drinks waiting to serve.
  • suitable for people with dietary restrictions: Being sugar-free and diabetic-friendly along with a sweet kick from Sucralose this is a guilt-free pleasure for us as well as many others out there looking to cut back on sugar.
  • Multi-purpose: It’s not just for drinks. We discovered its application to be very broad and enhancing everything from ice creams to confectionery, which is an enjoyable surprise.
  • Economic: Just 500 ml of this concentrate yields an impressive 12.5 2 litres soda. We think it’s a good budget option over the long haul.
  • The taste Our taste buds have been pleasantly surprised by the flavour, which, although it’s unlikely to be an exact representation of the top brand sodas, is quite close to sugar-free versions.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages

    • A Taste of Precision Although we liked the flavor, opinions differ on whether some people find this taste to be distinct than their typical sodas.
    • Mixing Right: Getting the mix correctly is essential. Without it it will taste too strong or too weak. We had to play around a bit to discover our sweet spot.
    • Taste: It’s fair to admit the majority of us did detect a synthetic aftertaste that might not be the case for everyone.
    • Flavor Diversity: However, it’s in various flavours, all do the trick. It takes a bit of trial and errors to find the flavour that’s right with our palate.
    • Pricing: One might be able to find the initial investment a somewhat expensive in comparison to conventional soft drinks. However, considering how much it can make We think it’s going to be worth it in the end.
    • Candy Cubes soda provides a unique candy-flavored taste which might not fit with your initial expectations. It’s not perfect for all tastes.
    • It stands alone as it is the only soda in the market that has this distinct candy flavor.

    Our time with it has been a fizzy adventure, and we’d encourage you to give it look if looking to find the healthiest, most customizable soda alternative. There’s a great chance that you’ll find your new favorite drink!

    Genuine Customer Testimonials

    As we’ve gone through our fair experiences with the syrup, we’ve seen that getting the mix just right is the key to having the best glass. A majority of us have found that the slightly less than recommended amount hits the right sweet spot, resulting in a taste similar to that of premium diet coca-colas. One person even said it was able to stand up to the flavour of the ‘big brand’, which is a praise in the sense of it!

    But it’s not only the praises that are being offered; some have discussed their challenges with balancing the perfect flavor and report a sour aftertaste when mixed in a specific manner. There’s an occasional mention of blood orange, which is a Blood Orange variety not living up to expectations due to the strong artificial flavor, suggesting that different flavors might be a better choice.

    Cost is a consideration too; while some are convinced of the value however, some feel that the price didn’t reflect the experiences, particularly when the desired “tonic’ flavor wasn’t present. Yet, we’re fascinated by how many people are looking for sugar-free alternatives, with one of us talking about the soft drinks that were popular in the 1980s, and then embracing this new take on.

    From our collective experience, it’s clear that this drink is popular with its nostalgic, yet enjoyable treat when the mixture is just right. It’s all about personalising the flavor, and as it appears that for a majority you can nail that perfect home-made fizzy delight.


    We’ve had the pleasure of tasting the Aromhuset Zero Sugar Candy Cubes and we’re confident that it’s an absolute game changer for consumers of soda with sugar issues. Imagine the pleasure of sipping down a delicious, bubbly soda with no guilt! The buzz among customers is that it’s a hit for those who enjoy mixing to their own preference. The amount we used was a little smaller amount of syrup than recommended makes it sweet enough giving a taste like the popular diet sodas without the sugar crash!

    It’s not all bubbly perfection. Some of us found the flavour veered toward the synthetic edge, particularly in that of the Blood Orange variant which had a bitter aftertaste that didn’t impress everyone. It’s not the most affordable syrup out there with its price, but when you consider that it’s made up approximately 12.5 litres of soft drink, we think it’s worth it.

    Also, the sight of a few friends drink a glass while not noticing the sugar-free swaperoo shows that Aromhuset has something to say. This isn’t your typical cola flavour – but is it really? When did we ever compromise on average? It’s time to celebrate healthier fizz!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Oh, we’ve certainly had lots of fun exploring the various recipes you can make using Zero Candy Cubes! Now, let’s dive into some of the burning questions you be asking about this amazing product.

    What delicious flavours can one imagine when they bite into an Zero confectionary bar?

    For a good old taste test, we discovered that every shot of syrup creates a distinct taste that is similar with soda’s original flavours. The interesting thing is the fact that it’s designed specifically to be vegan and diabetic friendly!

    Would you please share the calorie content of a Zero candy bar for those of us who track our sweets?

    Certainly! Calorie counters can breathe easy because of this. There’s only 5 kcal for every 100ml serving. It’s a dream for those who try get those unwanted calories in check.

    What are the delicious components of a Zero confectionary bar?

    This is where Zero Candy Cubes genuinely shines. The syrup is sugar-free, because of Sucralose. Plus, it’s manufactured with natural flavorings that make it suitable for many different dietary requirements. This includes vegan.

    There are many theories about what makes Zero Candy Cubes so distinctive. You’ve got the information you need to know – every sip offers a sprinkling of nostalgia, minus the calories and sugar!