Aromhuset Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda: Premium Taste?

Finding a great sugar-free solution for your fizzy drink cravings has never been this easy. Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate truly delivers on flavour without the guilt. The flavor we were most impressed with was the rich passion fruit flavour which creates an refreshing soda that doesn’t contain any sugar. Just mix 40ml the vibrant concentrate with a large glass of sparkling tap water and you’ll get delightful, scrumptious drink that’s equally as good as sweetened soda in the market.


Our experience wasn’t just tasty–it was also multi-purpose. This sweet treat from the passionfruit isn’t exclusive to beverages; we also used it in our baking as well as to jazz up our Ice cream. It’s very convenient to know that a bottle can create more than 12 litres! While most of us found this mix exactly as recommended those with a more inclined to sweets might like being slightly less sweet. However there were some who noted that getting it just right may be difficult, however, once you’ve perfected it then it’s an all-time winner.

Essential Takeaway

Aromhuset has given us something special with Their Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup. It’s delicious, versatile and guilt-free approach to drink soda.

Its ability to give the flavor of various culinary dishes, it’s something you must try.

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You can embark on an Flavor Adventure with Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup

Ever fancied making your own fizzy drinks at home? We’ve been trying out Aromhuset’s Passion Fruit Soda Syrup and it’s an amazing game-changer for any soda drinker. Imagine the tropical explosion of the passion fruit inside a bottle, and that’s exactly the drink you’ll get. It’s a refreshing, tart drink that’s delightful and easy to drink.

There’s no need to purchase sugar-laden soft drinks when you can create something healthier that’s also diabetic and vegan-friendly, with only 5 kcal for 100ml of serving. The syrup we tried was very simple to prepare. You simply need to add 40ml of the syrup into one three litres of sparkling waters, the syrup is ready, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and homemade passion fruit soda.

When we made our drinks we realized how versatile this syrup is. Beyond enjoying it as an ingredient in sodas, it’s excellent for flavoring cocktails or even for culinary use like baking and making heavenly frozen desserts.

Naturally, we’ve heard mixed reviews regarding the syrup. While most are delighted by its taste, a few feel it doesn’t entirely hit the mark as compared to supermarket carbonated drinks. They also criticized getting the mixture just right to get the perfect balance of flavor. However, it’s clear that this syrup has an distinctive flavor that’s loved in large part due to its resemblance to the big sugar-free sodas.

Overall, if you’re keen at trying new flavors and like the idea of crafting your drinks to the sweetness you prefer, Aromhuset’s syrup gives you a tasty flavor that’s tropical and won’t let you down. Also, when you consider how much drinks you can prepare from one bottle, it’s not only an exciting adventure for your taste buds, but it’s also very affordable.

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Make your drinks more appealing with ease

Have you ever longed to make a professional decorated drink in your own home? This is what we managed do with the Aromhuset Zero Sugar Passion Fruit Syrup. We were initially skeptical but the variety of the syrup quickly was a huge hit with us! No matter whether you’re sprucing up glasses of sparkling water or creating a wonderful cocktail this syrup has it prepared.

The convenience of using it is brilliant. You can add 40ml to one litre of fizzy drink, and you’ve got an energizing drink with a tropical twist, minus the guilt- it’s completely sugar-free! The way we viewed it was pretty impressive. how far this bottle has a tendency to stretch; 12.5 Liters of soft drinks aren’t a small feat.

While we loved creating delicious sodas, we discovered its application to be broader than drinks. For those of us who bake or make homemade ice cream, this passion fruit concentrate was able to create a completely new flavor profile.

However, it’s not the real fruit. So for those who are a bit strict this flavor may not completely replace raw passion fruit’s sweetness or intensity. However, for a sugar-free alternative it’s clear that this syrup knows how to punch above its quality in the flavor department. In addition to being vegan-friendly and diabetic-friendly It’s definitely a worth a spot on the kitchen shelf.

Get a taste of the healthful delight of Zero Sugar

Making the switch to a sugar-free way of life has never been so delicious. We’ve experienced the pleasure of tasting Aromhuset’s Zero sugar Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate, and it’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to quench their thirst without the guilt. Blending up to 40ml this concentrate syrup with one litre of fizzy liquid produces a refreshing, sweet drink that’s diabetes-friendly and vegan. The product boasts five kcal of energy per 100ml serving.

The greatest thing about an syrup like this is it’s versatility. We love the zingy intensity of passionfruit when used as soda, it’s wonderful for adding a new flavour to baking, or even dairy products. We’re delighted that the multi-purpose nature of it doesn’t affect taste. Make it a mixture of 32:1 with tap water, and you’ll enjoy a relaxing drink.

But, some people have reported that the flavor could have a slight mango taste if not mixed correctly in a light reminder that the balance is crucial. But the overwhelming feedback we’ve received from our friends has been positive, with most trying to discern any differences from the usual sugar-laden sodas, which is astonishing!

This syrup provides value for price. A bottle yields approximately 12.5 litres which makes it a value-for-money home staple. The syrup from Aromhuset inspired us to rethink our beverage selections, showing that even a little sugar doesn’t mean there is no pleasure.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

By using Aromhuset’s Zero Sulf Passion Concentrate of fruit soda syrup, we’ve elevated our drink of choice game to vibrant new levels. There’s something very satisfying about turning plain sparkling water into an enticing tropical beverage without the burden of added sugars. We’ve tried out a variety of recipes, not only refreshing sodas but also delicious cocktails and even adding some flavor to our baking with some impressive results.

Its simplicity of use is a game-changer; a quick mixing of 40ml of syrup with 1 litre of carbonated water and voila! you have a delightful passion fruit beverage which is just 5 kcal for 100ml of serving. Vegans and people with diabetes are also invited to join in on the fun with its tolerant formula. It’s an incredible value turning 500ml into a astonishing 12.5 litres of soft drink.

Even though the flavor has us salivating and is comparable to the top diet sodas, it’s advisable to get the amount just right. This is a experience made through trial and errors. The ideal mix is guaranteed to give an aroma that’s close to the “real deal” with no artificial aftertaste that may turn off certain people’s palates. It’s not a substitute for tonic’s unique bitterness, and one could be disappointed by to find that particular taste. Be sure to keep it balanced, and this one won’t disappoint.

Excellent Value for Money

We’ve found a great product that makes our money stretch! When we use Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit syrup, you can make delicious drinks at home by saying “cheerio” to excessive sugar as well as “hello” to the healthier lifestyle. Only a splash of syrup transforms carbonated water into an exotic passion fruit refreshing fizzy delight.

The syrup isn’t just used for beverages; it can also be applied to dessert and baking! Then, let’s look at one of the most important issues: the price. First, it might seem like a big deal, but break down the cost per litre, and you’ll get an absolute bargain–12.5 2 litres worth of soda from one bottle! Make the concentrate 33-fold diluted with tap water to create an alcoholic drink that is still.

There’s no doubt that there’s a range of opinions, with some saying that the taste to be not as satisfying as those of the major brands, but truly, once we’ve hit that sweet spot with the ratio of syrup/water, we’re drinking in satisfaction. Zero Passion Fruit syrup is a great choice. Zero Passion Fruit syrup is a robust choice for those looking for a refreshing taste without the sugar crash.

Pros and Cons

Recently, having tried the Zero Sugar Sweetened Soda from Aromhuset, we’ve found ourselves amazed and a little dissatisfied in a variety of ways. Let’s see what we loved about this product, and where we think it could be better.


  • homemade convenience This is the perfect way to indulge in the simple act of making the refreshing passion fruit soda in the comfort of our kitchen. You just need to make sure to add syrup and sparkling water and then a refreshing, fizzy drink is made in no time.
  • Health-conscious choice for people who are trying to limit their sugar intake, we’re delighted by the fact that there are only 5 kcal/100ml serving This syrup works perfectly with our diet requirements. Being both diabetic-friendly and vegan It’s an option that’s suitable for various modes of life.
  • Unpredictability at its Best The HTML0 isn’t just restricted to drinking drinks. this concentrate has proved to be a boon in our baking as well as ice creams and even added a zing to some dairy products.
  • Bang for Your Buck We’re getting some serious price here. From just a 500ml bottle it’s possible to make up to 12.5 L of soda. It’s a green and economical option and will reduce the need to purchase a lot of cans and bottles.


  • Flavour Touch and Miss Although a lot of us think the flavor is to be perfect, some who think it’s adequate when compared with the brands with big names. In addition, and let’s face it there is a synthetic aftertaste that has sometimes slipped in, which isn’t to everyone’s liking.
  • Making the right mix It can be a little tricky one. Too much or too little syrup, and the drink can be super sweet or bland. We’ve found that it takes few attempts to achieve an ideal proportion.
  • The price The general feeling that the syrup is somewhat on the high-end aspect considering that it’s not an actual brand of cola. For those on a tight budget, this could be a major issue.

It’s our goal to achieve that optimal balance between health, taste, and convenience, and Aromhuset’s syrup is pretty close to striking that perfect balance. There are some flaws obviously, but our experience has been that the benefits have far outweighed the negatives.

Hear it from the Customers Read real reviews from our customers

We’ve recently had the pleasure of trying Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Fruit Soda Syrup from Aromhuset and the feedback from our customers is extremely positive. We’re satisfied with the flavor profile. It offers a unique twist into our carbonated drinks! A few have mentioned that it’s vital to get the mix right to have the best experience suggesting that a tiny bit less than the recommended dose will hit the sweet spot but without being too sweet.

It came as a surprise to many people who drank it Zero soda was devoid of sugar. Some had believed that it was sweetened with sugar since it did not have the typical aftertaste that is common with artificial sweeteners.

On the other hand, but some of us reckon this Passion Fruit flavour doesn’t quite hit the mark, lacking the classic taste it’s possible to feel nostalgic for.

When the mix is just right we’ve found an syrup with a good mix to provide a refreshing option. One of us even cheekily made a suggestion that it might compete with many big-name brands within the sweetened soda category. It’s all about the art of mixing – 40 milliliters of syrup to 1,000 ml water, and you’ll get yourself a pleasant soda, especially should you prefer to steer away from canned drinks.

Don’t forget, this isn’t bee’s knees of everyone. Some people find it to be an edgy purchase. For a sugar-free snack that’s easy to do, it’s fantastic and is a great choice for anyone looking for a guilt free sugar-free boost.

Final thoughts on Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Syrup

We’ve had a blast playing with Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Syrup and we’re able to say it’s definitely enlivened our drinking routine. The fact that it’s sugar-free and still tantalisingly tasty can be a big plus especially for those conscious of our consumption of sugar. At only 5 kcal for 100ml portion, it’s an easy choice for health-conscious acquaintances.

Aromhuset could be among the very few, if perhaps not the only company that utilizes the non-off-taste sweetener Sucralose in their soda concentrate. This is likely because of its high cost. It is advisable to look at the labels on soda concentrates so that you stay away from sweeteners such as Aspartame, acesulfame, cyclamate and many others.

The versatility of the syrup is impressive; we’ve whipped up anything from refreshing sodas to exotic cocktails, and even flavored our desserts. There’s a feeling of fulfillment when you know that a small amount goes a long way – the 500ml bottle can make the equivalent of 12.5 litres of fizzy drink.

But it’s been some trial and error to discover the best balance. Too sweet syrup overwhelms, too little and the flavor doesn’t match the expectation. In general, we’re pleased with the authentic flavor of passion fruit But it’s clear that the experience is subjective some of us noting that getting the balance just right will give you the best flavor.

In the end, Aromhuset’s Zero Passion Fruit Syrup has proved to be a game changer that offers a guilt-free means for a fizzy flavourful drink. Be aware that the key will be in your mix!


Frequently Answered Questions

Recently, we’ve explored the refreshing realm of the Aromhuset Zero Passion Fruit Soda Syrup Concentrate We’re bursting with ideas as well as insights to give away. The sugar-free element doesn’t degrade the taste of the product, it still packs a tropical punch! We’ve created cool cocktails and have even discovered how sustainably harvested these ingredients come from. So let’s explore the top questions you’ll be asked before buying this flexible syrup.

What delicious tastes do I anticipate when I taste this soda made with passion fruit?

When we splashed this syrup in our sparkling water, the space filled with the aroma from exotic passion fruits. This syrup provides a vibrant and authentic fruit taste that is both sweet and tangy that’s similar to the fresh fruit, with no any artificial aftertaste that is overpowering. Drinking the drink felt as a trip to the tropical lands.

How does the no sugar element affect the flavor to the sugar syrup?

If you think that there is no sugar would mean a reduction in flavor, but in this drink, our taste buds were pleasantly delighted. There’s a slight distinction in the taste, because sugar can give a greater taste, however, the intense nature of the passion fruit provides the flavor is robust. It’s sufficient sweetness for us, and might just make you forget that it’s sugar-free!

Does this syrup concentrate work with soda-making equipment? I’d love to know!

Absolutely! We’ve tested it on various soda machines, and it blended beautifully every time. Simply pour in the appropriate amounts of syrup carbonate in your beverage, and presto – you’ll enjoy a bubbly delicious drink that hits every place. It works wonders for that DIY fizzy drink experience at home.

Could you give us some refreshing cocktail recipes that work with this syrup?

Mixing up cocktails was a blast with this syrup. Here’s the quickest way to do it Combine the syrup with a splash of white rum with a hint of lime juice, and ice. You can top it off with soda for the perfect Tropical Fizz that’s bound to enhance any gathering. The syrup is versatile making it possible to add it to your favorite spirits for an instant fruit twist.

The most appealing aspect is that sweetener Sucralose does not give off an unpleasant taste when mixed with alcohol. Therefore, drinks taste as though they were made with regular soda.

I’m curious about some of the ingredients that make up the syrup? Also, how are they sourced sustainably?

The primary ingredients are passion fruit flavouring, natural colours and sweeteners that mimic sugar’s sweetness. The brand states that these ingredients are made with sustainability in mind which, we believe, is careful selection from responsible producers. The production plant in Sweden has solar energy power. The company is also operating with the environment in mind. It’s a pleasant feeling that doesn’t only apply to the taste, but also to the genesis of the syrup!

Are any preservatives/artificial sweetness ingredients in the syrup? Should I be conscious of?

For those who are concerned about added contaminants, you’ll feel safe as per the company, the syrup shy away from the use of preservatives. The zero sugar claim is confirmed by sweetener (made from sugar), which do great job at mimicking sugar’s sweetness with no calorific amount, and ensuring guilt-free pleasure for your taste buds.

With the above questions, we’re convinced to try Aromhuset’s fruit concoction is a bright idea for any fizzy drink enthusiast. It’s a journey filled with tangy tropical flavors and A sugar-free twist that doesn’t leave you with a desire to know more. Keep sipping responsibly as well as ingenuously, do we?