Are you going to like based on by the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor?

Some soda flavors are so recognizable you know them by heart. Sodastreams’ Cola syrup is so recognizable that you will know what it is just by smelling it. But when it comes to new flavors for your homemade soda, it is not as obvious. Can the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor even tell you if you will like it or not?


How are you going to understand from the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor if the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda syrup is indeed a good fit for you and your family? This is an important question when you enjoy making your own drinks using Sodastream and other soda machines for healthier drinks at home.

Just having the name of the taste might be enough to know.

You might already know the taste of those famous examples for the syrups to soda machines. Drinks that you’ve enjoyed since childhood like 7up and Cola together with flavors like Citrus Lime is easy to figure out.

Do this if the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda concentrate isn’t clear by the name. The description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor might help you know. It will most likely give you the information you need. Words like sweet and bubbly might be on there and it may not give the full picture but atleast some idea of the taste.

The only way to know the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda syrup you have to use it with your soda machine. Before you decide of a flavor, always read the product description first.

To better reach a decision you can read other opinions of the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda concentrate.

The Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda syrup might have sparked many opinions so an advice is to go and read them first. The description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor can sometimes be in peoples reviews, which is great before buiyng soda syrup. There you can also find the opinions of the actual flavor.

This way you will know whether the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor is accurate or not. You may be able to get som tips aswell. The doseage might have to be a bit cut down if it’s really sour. These reviews might give you what you need to try the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda concentrate yourself, and you should pay it forward.

With a trusted source like the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor it is trustwordy.

There’s a huge variation of quality among the producers! Choose trusted brands since they know how to make great tasting new Flavors. You know where to look for your soda from home with sweet taste but minimal sugar!

Even if the new Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda concentrate isn’t going to be your personal favorite, you will most likely enjoy it. High quality ingredients in a suryp will be loved by your tastebuds when using them at home.

With Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda concentrate you will get homemade soda that tastes just right. The syrup will last longer since you don’t need to overuse it. quinine tonic It’s both smart and tasty so give the description of Zero Indian Tonic flavor a chance by trying the Aromhuset Indian Tonic Soda syrup!

Where Is Absinthe Legal?

Tests have proved Absinthe safety so it has now been legalized in most countries. This article can help a person to get the answer of “Where is Absinthe legal”?” and explain current legislation.

As water is added to the alcohol one can see the louche effect.

A person can consider Absinthe as a strong liquor. Absinthe was a popular beverage in La Belle Epoque period in French history and also in the time known as the Great Binge, a time when cocaine, cannabis and heroin were used in drinks and children’s medicine before the dangers were known.

People believed that there were simillarities between thujone and THC. Thujone is found in wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), the ingredient which gives Absinthe its name and its slight bitter taste. It was believed that Absinthe contain high quantities of thujone and cause psychedelic effects. According to the gas chromatography tests pre ban Absinthe only contained minute amounts of thujone.

Get the answer of the question where is Absinthe legal today?

Absinthe and thujone containing drinks were banned in the United States in 1912. It became a crime to buy or sell Absinthe in the USA although people managed to get Absinthe shipped in to the US from other countries for personal consumption.
Absinthe was never restricted properly in the US. There should be no thujone content in the tested beverages as per law but test equipment claims Absinthe to be “thujone free” if it has 10 parts per million or less of thujone. Several brands of today’s Absinthe are perfectly legal in the US as per this law. Lucid and many other brands became legalized in the United States during the year 2007.

Absinthe containing thujone content of 10mg/kg or less and bitters up to 35mg/kg of thujone were allowed in the EU. Absinthe lovers became happy with this news in Europe.

Thujone content should be up to 35mg/kg in bitters and 10mg/kg in other drinks in Australia.

The thujone content should be10mg/kg and avb not more than 55% in Absinthe in Brazil.

Every Canadian province has their own legislation concerning Absinthe. Absinthe is legal in British Columbia without any limitations on the thujone content in it. Absinthe with up to 10mg/kg thujone can be legally sold in Quebec and Ontario.

The popularity of Absinthe and Absinthe bars of Czech Republic is all over the world. Absinthe was always available in the Czech Republic.

A law was passed in France in the year 1988 according to which those thujone beverages that complied with EU laws and were labeled with “spiritueux à base de plantes d’absinthe” can be sold in this country. Beverages containing up to 5mg/liter of fenchone is allowed in France.

In 2004 Absinthe became authorized again in Hungary.

There is authority to Absinthe for sale in Israel.

One can bring Absinthe for his use from other countries in Ireland but it is not legal for sale within Ireland.

Absinthe which meet the requirements of EU is legalized in Netherlands.

Absinthe is authorized in New Zealand.

Absinthe was always authorized in Portugal.

Absinthe with up to 75mg/kg thujone is also sold in Russia.

Absinthe containing thujone or above 50% abv is not sold in Serbia.

South Africa – Absinthe has been legal in South Africa since 2005.

Sweden authorizes Absinthe which has label according to wormwood in it and also satisfy the EU legislation.

In 2005 Absinthe was finally legalized in Switzerland.

Absinthe was always legal in UK. Absinthe must satisfy the EU legislation.

Care is needed while ordering Absinthe online because there are many fake Absinthes which were created in countries where thujone was banned. In order to experience the real taste of Absinthe, you need to find a good quality wormwood Absinthe or make your own using Absinthe essences from These are already distilled essences produced from traditional Absinthe herbs including wormwood. When you receive your essence, simply mix with vodka or Everclear – easy! These essences can be shipped world wide and you don’t need to worry “where is Absinthe legal?” However they are not Absinthe until one has made them. Go through the website for details.

Get Absinthe Here In Australia ?

The ban was removed from Absinthe at the end of 2000 in Australia. It is authorized in Australia as long as it adhere with government legislation. Australia authorizes up to 35mg/kg of thujone in bitters and up to 10mg/kg in other alcoholic beverages. Most of the people want to try the mythical Green Fairy after realizing that it is legal. Know the answer of “Where do I get Absinthe in Australia”?” this is a very common question related to Absinthe revival.

Know where do i get Absinthe in Australia?

Absinthe is available from many different sources:-

A local liquor shop

You should be able to purchase Absinthe in your local liquor store. Go through the labels carefully. Genuine Absintheshould have an alcohol by volume content of between 50 and about 75% and it should contain thujone, a chemical found in wormwood. France, Switzerland, Spain (Absenta) and the Czech Republic are among the few countries popular for their Absinthes.

Australian online websites

– (Vintage Direct) – This company stock a range of 22 different Absinthes from around the world. Pernod Absinthe, Jade Verte Suisse, Kubler, La Fee Bohemian, La Ptite Douce and Mansinthe by Marilyn Manson are the famous Absinthes on their website.

– Visit to purchase fine Absinthes online. Duplais Verte, La Ptite Douce, Jade Verte Suisse and Jade Edouard, Mansinthe, Kubler and a few others Absinthes are there which can be available by an order. They also stock Absinthe spoons, glasses, fountains and when you order they send you some Absinthe chocolate truffles – yum!

– Australia’s own award winning Absinthe Moulin Rooz is available to order from

– A person can order Absinthe and Absinthe accessories on “Absinth Shop” sell many brands of Absinthe on eBay including King of Spirits, Fruko, Doubs and Staroplzenecky.

Websites Offering World Wide Shipping

If you cannot find a particular Absinthe in Australia then there are sites based in other countries and you can get your Absinthe shipped from them. Companies who ship world wide include:-

– – You can buy real Absinthe essences from this company to make your very own true wormwood Absinthe. One can even purchase an Absinthe Kit for $29 to make 14 bottles of Absinthe. The kit also contains a measure and 14 artistic bottle labels.

– One can get 32 different types of Absinthes from

– Absinth24.The shipping service is given to Australia by this company. A person can go through the thujone content of the Absinthes mentioned on this site.

– Absinthes like the Jade Collection, La Clandestine Absinthe, La Ptite, Absinthe Roquette 1797, Doubs and Duplais are some of the names of fine Absinthes sold on They will ship worldwide.

– – Alandia stock a wide variety of Absinthes including Doubs Mystique, Mansinthe, Alandia Epoque, Absinthe Roquette 1797, Francoise Guy, Alandia Suisse La Bleue and many others. They ship to Australia.

When you are buying Absinthe from another country you will need to ensure that it is legal in Australia, otherwise it may be confiscated by customs. A person should check thujone levels before he orders. There is difference between Absinthe essences and bottled Absinthe.

This information is sufficient for answering the question Know the answer of “Where do I get Absinthe in Australia”?” the quest for the perfect Green Fairy drink is enjoyable because of this.

Buy Absinthe Here

It is necessary to know from where a person can get a quality wormwood Absinthe?

If you walk into a liquor store there will be a vast array of spirits, liqueurs, beer, cider and wine and looking for a good bottle of Absinthemay be tricky. The easiest way is to order first Absinthe online.

However, there are also many websites offering sales of Absinthe so how do you know what Absinthe to buy? Here are some buying tips:-

– Use websites like and to educate yourself about Abinthe and for recommendations on what Absinthe to try.

– A person can pick any type of Absinthe according to his requirement. Franco Suisse, Absinthe Suisse La Bleue Clandestine, Pernod Absinthe (not Pastis), Francoise Guy and Suisse Vert are a few examples of Deluxe Absinthe. The quality of classic Absinthes are slightly low in comparison to the deluxe Absinthes. Hill’s Anise Free Absinthe from the Czech republic, Mansinthe created by Marilyn Manson and Gothica from Germany having 80% alcohol by volume are some of the examples of speciality Absinthes.

– Read product descriptions carefully. Due to lack of anise content Hill’s Anise free Absinthe is not considered as a real Absinthe. One should not purchase this if needing a true Absinthe flavor. Although Bairnsfather Bitter is a Wormwood “bitters” but not Absinthes.

– Read reviews on Absinthes– Find out what other people are saying about particular brands of Absinthes.

– A person should not ignore the thujone content, if mentioned. True Absinthe contains wormwood which contains the chemical thujone.

– The alcohol by volume indicates about the hardness of the Absinthe. Generally Absinthe comes with 50 and 75% abv.

– As soon as a person chooses a certain brand of Absinthe he needs to shop around for the best price including shipping costs and the sale price.

A person can also prepare a good quality Absinthe with the help of Absinthe kits. One cannot get the real taste of Absinthe from some Absinthe kits.

One can visit here to get the Absinthe kits?

If you search online for Absinthe kits you get a huge list of different types of kits. Information about the types of kits and their selection?

– Steeping Kit is available with herbs to steep in alcohol and filters to filter the mixture. No distillation is involved which means that you can make it legally in most countries BUT if there is no distillation then there is not going to be a true Absinthe resulting from the procedure.

– Absinthe Kits helps in preparing Absinthe drink in a traditional manner.

– Absinthe Essences – make Absinthe essences which are 100% natural essences made from a variety of herbs including wormwood, aniseed and fennel. A person will only have to make the solution of the already distilled essence with a neutral alcohol to produce a real Absinthe. These essences are also sold to the Absinthe industry and do not require steeping or filtering. Instead of buying only the essences in 20ml bottles for $3.95 one can purchase a kit for $29 which is available with a 280ml bottle of essence, a handy measure and 14 artistic bottle labels! An individual needs to visit their web shop to order it.

A person can get the answer to the question “where can you buy Absinthe” from different online resources?”, A person should enjoy while learning about the mythical Green Fairy.

Places Where A Bottle Of Absinthe Is Sold ?

Many people are desperately searching for Absinthe and asking the question “Where can I order a bottle of Absinthe?”. Absinthe became legal in many EU countries in 1988 but did not become legal in the United States until 2007 and so may people have not had the opportunity to taste real Absinthe.

Know the places to order a bottle of Absinthe?

Here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect quality Absinthe:-

– Educate yourself about Absinthe, what it is, its history, its ingredients. Visit websites such as and to gather more information about Absinthe.

– Read product descriptions and product reviews to learn more about particular Absinthes. A lot of Absinthes like the Jade collection by Ted Breaux, La Boheme Absinthe Original, La Ptite Absinthe and Absinthe Clandestine, Absinthe Roquette 1797 are based on original genuine Absinthe recipes from the 18th century and 19th century. These Absinthes are also manufactured with the use of traditional methods and techniques. There are also many modern Absinthes on sale on the Internet, look for ones that have won awards or that have got good reviews.

– The Absinthe should have the wormwood content in it. One can also know about the thujone content of Absinthes on some websites. Wormwood (artemisia absinthium), is the basic ingredient in Absinthe which gives Absinthe it’s name and slight bitter taste. The USA and the EU gives authority to Absinthes containg up to 10mg/kg of thujone. Anise and fennel are the other basic ingredients. Wormwood bitters do not contain anise so they are not Absinthe. As the Czech Hill’s Absinthe is free from anise so it is also not a true Absinthe.

– One can get a large variety of Absinthe. Also consider clear Swiss La Bleue styles which are reminiscent of bootleg Absinthes which were distilled during prohibition. The red Absenta Serpis from Spain and Tabu Red from Germany are the eamples of different colored Absinthe.

– One must not ignore the alcohol by volume of Absinthes. One can get Absinthe having an abv between 50 and 75%. “Proof” is nearly two times of the abv.

– One will gather information either from the owner of a liquor store or from the Internet before buying a paticular Absinthe.

– Shop around to get the price and always take account of shipping costs.

– Educate yourself about The Ritual – the traditional way of preparing Absinthe.

With the help of Absinthe kits anyone can prepare their own wormwood Absinthe at home. Some of these kits are unable to produce a genuine Absinthe because they do not involve distillation but one can get Absinthe essences which are pre distilled to produce the real Absinthe. Such essences are available from a company called AbsintheKit (AbsintheKitcom) who supply these essences to the Absinthe industry. Anyone can prepare the drink by mixing the essences with Everclear or vodka. The commercial bottled Absinthe is very expensive than the Absinthe prepared from an essence!

A person will get enough essence to make 14 bottles of Absinthe, a plastic measure and 14 artistic bottle labels in the Absinthe kits available at These kits can be bought by paying $29. You can also buy replica Absinthe spoons and glasses from their website.

An individual should not only focus on “Where can I order a bottle of Absinthe”?”, A person can also try an Absinthe essence.

Sources To Buy The Original Absinthe

An Absinthe that has an original, genuine, vintage pre ban flavor is searched by number of people. We must try to find the answer to the question “Where can I buy the original Absinthe”?” by looking at some Absinthes which are based on historical recipes and that use traditional distilling techniques:-

– La Boheme Absinthe Original – This Absinthe is distilled in the Czech Republic, a country known for its Absinthes, and is made from a 200 year old Swiss recipe. It has proved itself to be the finest quality Absinthe. Enough description has been given at

– One can go through the Jade Collection of Absinthes by Ted Breaux. Ted Breaux was used to preparing vintage style Absinthes. He used the information of ingredients and thujone levels on the vintage bottles to distill vintage style Absinthes in Saumur, France, using 19th century alambics and traditional techniques. His collection includes a classic Pernod Fils style Absinthe, a Swiss green Absinthe, a clear La Bleue style Absinthe and an Edouard Pernod inspired Absinthe. The Jade collection Absinthes was rewarded several times.

– Absinthe Roquette 1797 – This Absinthe is named after the horse of Dr Pierre Ordinaire, legendary creator of Absinthe. Being based on an original 18th centruy Absinthe it is distilled in Pontarlier, in 19th century alambics.

The preparation of Doubs Mystique “Carte d’Or Absinthe” is done by using traditional methods and ingredients.

In Couvet, Switzerland, Guadentia Persoz manufactured La Ptite Absinthe based on a 1898 real Absinthe recipe. Persoz got this recipe together with an alambic when she moved into her house in Couvet.

In Couvet the distillation of La Clandestine Absinthe is done. La Clandestine is based on traditional La Bleue recipes using classic Absinthe herbs and alpine plants.

Absinthe Duplais – A verte Absinthe which is based on 19th century Swiss Absinthe protocols from a manual written by P.Duplais. Switzerland is the place where it is distilled.

The preparation of the Absinthe Brevans Absinthe is based on a recipe from 1897 and on a historical manual written by Brevans.

Lucid – By Viridian Spirits and Ted Breaux. The manufacturing of this Absinthe was done particularly for the American market. Although the USA has strict rules for thujone but this Absinthe has been legalized in the USA. Traditional recipes and techniques were used by Breaux in the preparation of this Absinthe.

To get the answer of the question “Where Can I Buy the Original Absinthe” one can see the information given above?

From online companies like TheDrinkShop.One can visit com or absintheclassics.Local liquor store may stock them or one can get them by an order.

In your search for quality Absinthe, you may also come across absinthe kits to make your very own Absinthe at home. Only an Absinthe flavored drink can be prepared from some kits as they do not involve distilling. sell Absinthe essences, through their web shop, which are already distilled and are made from the finest traditional Absinthe herbs. They make 4 different varieties, including a “strong” essence which contains a higher quantity of thujone. 20ml essence is needed to make 750ml of Absinthe whereas with a kit one can make 14 bottles of Absinthe. One will have to give $3 for a 20ml bottle.The cost of the 95 and a kit is $29. An original tasting Absinthe can be enjoyed economically by applying this.

The answers of the question “where can I buy the original Absinthe” can be found in this information.

Source From Which One Can Buy Absinthe

An individual is impatient of trying Absinthe but don’t know from where to get it?.

One can visit the several websites available there! A person can be confused by visiting the Internet to get the quality Absinthe. Here are some buying tips for finding a genuine vintage tasting Absinthe:-

– An economic way of getting the original vintage taste is to make your own Absinthe from top-quality Absinthe essences. The Absinthe Classics Essence kit from AbsintheKit.14 bottles of Absinthe can be prepared by paying $29 at com. A handy measure and 14 bottle labels are also available in the kit. The essence is distilled from traditional Absinthe herbs which prepare an Absinthe with a thujone content of 35mg per bottle. AbsintheKit also sell 3 other Absinthekits and replicas of antique Absinthe glasses and spoons.

– Learn about Absintheas much as you can so you know what to look for. One should go through the websites like lafeeverte.One can buy it from and absinthebuyersguide is there to help a person.To get information about Absinthe as well as product reviews one can visit website com.

-A person should get an Absinthe which contains both wormwood and anise. Some Czech Absinth is anise free and so does not have the distinctive anise flavor. There are also lots of fake or substitute Absinthes on sale which do not contain wormwood and you want to avoid those if you want to try real Absinthe.

– It is necessary to shop around to evaluate prices of Absinthe. Suppliers who stock a variety of Absinthesinclude the UK company, and absinth24 contains detail

– A person should evaluate the prices between suppliers after getting the known Absinthe brands from reputable distillers. See below to get the knowledge of well known brands.

Sources to get Absinthe Classics?

Brands that you may want to consider are:-

– Sebor – Sebor Absinth is a Czech Absinth. Real Sebor Absinth with 55% worwmood content is only available from It is a well-known Czech brand with a good reputation.

– Purchase Jade Collection by Ted breaux. Numerous awards has been given to these Absinthes and were created by Ted Breaux who manufactured his own vintage style Absinthe. The Jade Collection includes Swiss style Absinthes and French Pernod style Absinthes. It has a wonderful collection. One can get these Absinthes from websites like

– La Boheme Absinthe Original is another Czech Absinthe. This Absinthe is based on a 200 year old Swiss recipe and is described as the finest Absinthe. It is available to order from

– A person can also buy A Swiss Absinthe known as La Ptite Absinthe du Val de Travers which is distilled in Couvet. Being a clear La Bleue style Absinthe it is hard to get hold of. Stock can sometimes be found on

– Absinthe Clandestine is one of the Swiss La Bleue style Absinthe. The distillation of this Absinthe is done by Claude-Alain Bugnon, a former bootleg distiller. Traditional La Bleue recipes are used in it’s making and traditional Absinthe herbs with alpine plants are used. A person needs to visit absintheclassics for

Absinthe Roquette 1797 is manufactured from an 18th century recipe. It is known to be distilled in Pontarlier, France, in original 19th century alambics. This is available on many websites including

One can also try Absinthes like Doubs Mystique Carte d’Or, Absinthe Duplais, Lucid (created for the USA) and the Spanish Absenta Mari Mayans 70.

The Ritual should be used to serve Absinthe in the traditional manner. To do this you need to:-

– Pour a shot of Absinthe into an Absinthe glass.
– A lump of sugar on a slotted Absinthe spoon can be dissolved into the alcohol by dripping iced water over it. One should pour slowly to see the liquor louche.
– Know th way to stir and serve – delicious.

One can have fun while trying different brands or by making his own. “Where can I buy Absinthe ? ” can be answered by this information?”.

Knowledge Of Absinthe Proof

Because of it’s legalization in the USA and other nations Absinthe has become popular once again among the people. Without any consideration of alcohol content in Absinthe lots of young people are trying. Know about Absinthe proof?

Absinthe is an anise flavored liquor which is made from distilling alcohol with a blend of herbs including wormwood (artemisia absinthium), aniseed and fennel. Absinthe is also famous as the Green Fairy, La Fee Verte because of having the characteristic emerald green coloring of classic verte styles.

According to the Ritual Absinthe is generally drunk diluted with iced water. There is a louche effect when water is dripped over a sugar lump on a slotted spoon and into the Absinthe.

Absinthe was unauthorized not because of it’s high alcohol content but because of the wormwood in it. Dr Valentin Magnan tested worwmood on guinea pigs in 1845 and found that a guinea pig given wormwood oilhad convulsions, whereas, a guinea pig given alcohol just got drunk. Absinthe was found to be much more harmful than other spirits by the testing done by Magnan on the thujone content in it. He and others in the medical profession were convinced that thujone was psychoactive and caused psychedelic effects. Therefore many countries illegalled Absinthe.

The activities of a thujone molecule and THC from the drug cannabis are same because their structures are similar.

All these claims have been proved to be unreal. Thujone is not like THC, although it does act on the GABA receptors of the brain, when taken in large amounts. According to the experiments done on Absinthe the thujone content in it is so small that it cannot harm anybody. You would have to drink vast amounts of Absinthe and die of alcohol poisoning before suffering any effects from thujone!

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic drink and will get a person drunk quite quickly.

What is Absinthe proof?

Let’s see what the proof of well-known brands of Absinthe is:-

Jade Nouvelle Orleans 68% abv (136 proof)
Jade Verte Suisse is available with 65% abv (130 proof)
Jade Edouard 72% abv (144 proof)
One can find 68% abv (136 proof) in Jade PF 1901
Roquette 1797 contains 75% abv (150 proof)
One can find 65% abv (130 proof) in Doubs Mystique Carte D’Or
There is 53% abv (106 proof) in Kubler 53
La Fee Parisian 68% abv (136 proof)
One can get 70% abv (140 proof) in La Fee Bohemian
One can find 68% abv (136 proof) in La Fee XS Absinthe Francaise
One can find 53% abv (106 proof) in La Fee XS Absinthe Suisse
One can get 70% abv (140 proof) in Mari Mayans Collectors 70
Pernod Absinthe contains 68% abv (136 proof)
The abv in Pere Kermanns is 60% (120 proof)
Sebor has 55% abv (110 proof)
La Clandestine Absinthe contains 53% abv (106 proof)
Lucid Absinthe 62% abv (124 proof)

If we compare that to other alcoholic beverages we can see that Absinthe is very strong:-

Everclear 95% abv (190 proof)
One can find 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) in Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky
The alcohol by volume is 9-12% (18-24 proof) in Table Wine
There is 4 or 5% alcohol by volume (8-10 proof) in beer
38% abv (76 proof) is found in Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila
Absolut Blue Vodka 40% abv (80 proof)

If you make homemade Absintheusing essences from AbsintheKit.Visit to to know about the Absinthe’s proof.

What is Absinthe proof? Very high is the answer!

Understanding The Physical Effects Of Absinthe

There are several people who are unaware of the effects of Absinthe? Due to restrictions on Absinthe in 1900s most of the have never tasted it.

Absinthe is an anise flavored distilled alcoholic beverage prepared with a wine base and flavored with herbs. One can distill Absinthe with the use of herbs like common wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), aniseed and fennel.

Absinthe was made by Dr Pierre Ordinaire, in Couvet, Switzerland. It was prepared by him as a medicine for his patients. Henri-Louis Pernod managed to get hold of the recipe and started making Absinthe in Couvet and then in Pontarlier, France.

French soldiers used Absinthe to treat malaria. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries it became the favorite drink of the French. Along with France Absinthe became well known in several other countries.

Absinthe was served with apparel such as a special Absinthe glass, a slotted Absinthe spoon and an Absinthe fountain or carafe of iced water. It was served diluted with a sugar and water solution.

An article from “Sweat” magazine “Battle Cry” from the 1960s talks of how the medical profession in France were concerned about Absinthism, a “disease” caused by prolonged Absinthe drinking. Doctors claimed that it was far worse than normal alcoholism and had the following symptoms:-

Initial Symptoms after consuming Absinthe:-

– A feeling of exhilaration
– Hallucinations
– Restless nights with terrible nightmares can become the problem of the drunker
– There can be problems of nausea and vomiting
– Trembling
– Dizziness

Symptoms of long term Absinthe abuse:-

– Frothing and convulsions
– Delirium
– Problems of hypersensitivity to pain
– One can suffer with loss of libido
– Feeling of hot and cold
– Insanity
– Paralysis
– Death

The French Academy of Medicine asked that Absinthe be forbidden in 1900 but their pleas were ignored. Due to the murder of a family by an Absinthe drinker in Switzerland in 1905 the governments acted against it. Absinthe was unauthorized in Switzerland, Italy and France in 1908, 1913 and 1915 respectively.

According to the belief thujone caused the Absinthe’s physical effects. It was assumed that thujone was a psychoactive, a neurotoxin and active on the GABA receptors in the brain. People thought it to be same as THC in the drug cannabis.

However, recent research with traditional pre ban Absinthe recipesand gas chromatography  tests on vintage bottles of original Absinthe have all shown that, contrary to belief, Absinthe only contained a maximum of 6mg of thujone rather than 350mg which is what people believed it contained. One had never find this amount of thujone near a harmful level.

Many now believe that Absinthe was unfairly blamed and that Absintheis no more dangerous than any other strong liquor. The consumption of it should be done with care and in balanced amount because it has a high alcohol by volume.

Learning the physical effects of Absinthe?

Bottled Absinthes or stronger Absinthes made using kits available from can cause physical effects.To know about a “clear headed” or “lucid” drunkenness go to This may occur because of blend of herbs in Absinthe. The herbs used are either stimulants or sedatives.

Information about the physical effects of Absinthe? Besides a clear headed drunkenness there is also a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

Truths Related To Absinthe

Most of the well known artists and writers liked drinking Absinthe, the Green Fairy.

Absinthe is a strong alcoholic beveragedistilled at high proof but generally served diluted with iced water or in cocktails. Herbs and essential oils including wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), aniseed and fennel is used for flavoring Absinthe liquor and it is usually made from a wine alcohol base. The preparation of Absinthe also involves other herbal ingredients such as hyssop, lemon balm, star anise, angelica, juniper, nutmeg, dittany, calamus root and mint.

Information about Absinthe History

Absinthe has a very long and interesting history. Its main herbal ingredient, wormwood, has been used in medicine since ancient times as a tonic and to stimulate digestion. Absinthe was produced by a French doctor, Dr Pierre Ordinaire in the late 18th century in the Swiss town of Couvet in the Val-de-Travers. It was used on the patients as an elixir which gave astonishing results.

In Couvet Henri-Louis Pernod was using the Absinthe recipe to distill Absinthe and under the name of Pernod Fils in the French town of Pontarlier. The Pernod company used to manufacture upto 30,000 liters of Absinthe each day!

Not only in France but also in several other nations Absinthe was a well known drink. In France Absinthe overtook wine as the favorite drink. Simultaneously there were concerns related to health and the effects of Absinthe. The liquor was linked to the Bohemian culture of Montmartre with its loose morals and artists and writers. The psychedelic effects, convulsions, insanity, brain damage and death was believed to be the causes from thujone.

According to the people’s thought Absinthe was the cause behind Van Gogh’s insanity and his suicide, a man killing his family and the rising rate of alcohol abuse in France. The USA and France restricted Absinthe in the year 1912 and 1915 respectively. Other countries also made it illegal to buy and sell Absinthe.

Absinthe Revival

During the ban, people either drank Absinthe substitutes, such as Pernod Pastis, or bought bootleg Absinthe. Studies and research showed that the claims made about Absinthe were untrue.

Studies showed that the thujone content in Absinthe was so small that it cannot cause harmful side effects and drinking Absinthe was no more dangerous than other strong alcoholic beverages.

Absinthe with up to 10mg/kg of thujone was legalized in the EU in the late 20th century and in 2007, in the USA, certain brands of Absinthe, those containing up to 10 ppm, were legalized and Americans can now enjoy buying  brands such as “Lucid” .

France, home of Pernod’s original Absinthestill has a ban on products labeled “Absinthe” and France also strictly regulates drinks containing fenchone, a chemical in fennel which is a key ingredient in Absinthe. To be sold in France, Absinthes have to be called another name like “spirit a base de plantes d’absinthe” and only contain up to 5mg per liter of fenchone.

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